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UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation Guidance

How to prepare for IAS without any coaching

What are the Things to be Aware Before Appearing for UPSC Civil Service Exam

Everything you need to know about IAS Exam

Civil services are one among the most prestigious and competitive exams conducted by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). It is the major regulating body in India. It also conducts various competitive exams to occupy the vacancies in civil services area for the Indian government. The CSE or Civil Service Examination conducted by the UPSC is popularly referred to as Indian Administrative Exam or IAS exam. It consists of two phases. They are UPSC Mains and UPSC Prelims.

The UPSC prelims consist of objective kind questions. The questions mentioned in mains require essay type and descriptive answering. If you are thinking to appear for UPSC civil service exam, you have to get to know certain important information. Apart from preparation, it is also recommended to choose the best IAS coaching in Chennai from top institutes like Chinmaya IAS Academy.


Exam dates


The exam dates are announced by the UPSC. It can be modified according to the UPSC guidelines. As an aspirant, you are advised to keenly watch the exam dates and follow regular updates released by the UPSC on their official website.


Personal Interview Quotient


Before starting to prepare for the IAS exam, which is the most challenging exam in the country, you have to attend the personal interview or PI quotient. On the time of personality test, the candidature of the candidate will be measured along with his/her performance. After getting evaluated for the PI quotient, the candidate can start to prepare for exams with a clear mindset.


The subsections of IAS


IFS, IRS, and IPS fall under the category of IAS. The cutoff to get hired in the mentioned services will be decided after the appearance of exam. The candidate has to understand the target in a clear manner, which will help in preparation. It also helps the candidate to focus better.


The full form of subsections are as follows;

·        IFS means Indian Foreign Service

·        IRS means Indian Revenue Service

·        IPS means Indian Police Service


How to prepare for the IAS exam? What kind of contribution is required to pass in the IAS exam?


Before starting with your preparation, you need to prove your talents and caliber. You have to ask yourself what changes you could bring after becoming an IAS officer. The candidate should not plan for monumental benefits. The candidate should be cogent and talented enough to remain apart from other IAS aspirants. Clear answers to certain questions can help the candidate to reach the edge ahead of other applicants during the interview section.


Preparation technique


IAS preparation is mostly exaggerated as a toughest and challenging exam in the country. Most aspirants feel worried whether they could clear before appearing. IAS requires constant preparation and intensive practice. It is hard to identify a clear or definite answer for certain frequently asked questions. It is not clearly known that how many hours of preparation in a day is needed for clearing IAS exam. It differs from candidate to candidate. When perceived in general, it is best to at least spend 4 hours a day for clearing the exams.


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Tips and Guidelines for Students Appearing for IAS Exam

Inspiring ideas, knowledge workdhop for IAS


College is an excellent place to start for preparation for IAS exam. It is the place filled with energy of young generation and sharp minded students. There are high chances of clearing IAS exams who have just passed out of college. The preparation should be focussing on exact strategies and guidance. Your attempt could even turn futile that could result in loss of hard work and precious attempts. As an IAS aspirant, you should never leave your hard work and attempts go waste. Civil service coaching in Chennai is offered by Chinmaya IAS Academy.

Make use of early advantage


The eligibility criteria for CSE or Civil Service Exam is 21 years. The candidate should have a graduate degree in any subject. It is also possible for final year students to apply for IAS Prelims. Most candidates miss this excellent chance and prepare for Civil Service Exam at a very late stage. It has been found that average age of aspirants who are making into the final UPSC Civil Service Exam rank list is almost 28 years. When you start early to prepare and accomplish, you can enjoy various benefits. It is sure that the aspirants clearing IAS exam do not have to compromise on happiness and thrill of campus life. It is important to have the right guidance.


Prioritize your time


There are several students who spend full time in preparation of Civil Service Exam. But students who are studying in regular college should prepare parallel with certain time constraints. It is important to prioritize things. You need to do what is important.

You have to be aware of the UPSC syllabus. It is recommended to read previous UPSC civil service exam question papers. It helps you in guiding in right direction.


Purchase recommended books for preparation


If you have decided IPS or IAS as your career goal, you need to buy important and required books for the preparation. Here are some of the important books which you can start with;

·        History- Biplan Chandra

·        Economics- Ramesh Singh

·        Polity- Laxmikanth

·        NCERT books- download or buy online


Online mock test series


You will be writing the preliminary exam after one to two years. It is important to enroll in the mock test in early time. More than 90,0000 candidates ensure to clear the IAS mock test online. If you are a serious candidate, you need to definitely clear the online mock tests.

There is no need to think negative about the marks you are scoring. It is the best opportunity for learning. By taking the mock tests, you can know the question paper pattern and also remain aware of hard concepts. There are chances of both direct and indirect questions in the mock test.


Make use of your free time


If you are getting free time, ensure to use the time in preparation. There are several apps and resources easily available for free of cost. You can start to read when you are waiting in a bus stand or resting in the library. The apps are really useful and it is downloaded by 30,000 aspirants till date.





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